Dashboard analyses and examples of excel formulas use

Dashboard analyses and examples of excel formulas use
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Product Description

The ultimate solution from ExcelIdea.com :

- A dashboard of ready to use analyses and models,

- Examples of formulas used in financial analyses,

- Get ideas on how to design an analysis.

This spreadsheet has a place on your computer desktop.

- You will access it when you need to have a quick and accurate analysis of the data.

- You will open it when you want to see examples on how to use various excel formulas.

- You will need it as a reference when you need an idea on how to design a spreadsheet.

There are two tabs in the document:

1. List, which includes analysis / report name, its description, and a list of formulas that has been used in it. The list serves as navigation to the actual report. Just click on the analysis name and you will be redirected to the analysis itself.

2. Dashboard, which has all the analyses and reports that are listed in the ‘List’ tab. Just plug in the numbers in cells formatted in blue font to see the results in formulas, rations, and graphs.

Here is the list of what you will find inside:

1. Forecast using existing values


Forecast based on existing values example

2. Forecast using trend analysis

Excel formulas used: =TREND; % CHANGE

3. Forecast using growth pattern

Excel formulas used: =GROWTH; % GROWTH

Forecast using growth or trend pattern example

4. Low / Mid / High Estimates

Proforma Income Statement: Sales, Cost of Sales, Growth Margin, Net Profit

Low Mid High Estimates

5. Historical Sales Data Analysis

Excel formulas used: =MAX; =MIN; =AVERAGE; =COUNTIF; SUMIF; % growth change, VALIDATION, drop-down list feature; GRAPHS

Historical Sales Data Analysis

6. Historical Sales, Cost, and Net Profit Analysis

Excel formulas used: BRIDGE ANALYSIS, RATE & VOLUME, % Gross Margin, % Net Profit, =IF, =MAX; =MIN; =AVERAGE

Historical Sales, Cost, and Net Profit Analysis

7. Actual to Goal / Benchmark Analysis

Actual to Benchmark difference comparison

8. Financial Statement Analysis to Benchmark Ratios

Return on Equity; Earnings per share; Net Profit Margin; Return on Assets; Return on total invested capital; Quick Ration; Current Ration; Days' sales in inventory; Inventory Turnover

Financial Statement Analysis to Benchmark Ratios

9. Depreciation calculation

Excel formulas used: =DB, =DDB, =SLN, =SYD

Depreciation calculation

10. Future Value of an investment

Excel formulas used: =FV

11. Present Value of an investment

Excel formulas used: =PV

12. Calculate payment for a loan

Excel formulas used: =PMT

13. Calculate Rate for a Loan or Investment

Excel formulas used: =RATE

14. Calculate Number of Payments for a loan or investment

Excel formulas used: =NPER

15. Calculate Interest Payment for a period

Excel formulas used: =ISPMT

16. Calculate Payment on a Principal for a given period

Excel formulas used: =PPMT

Calculate FV PV loan interest payments

17. Monthly data analysis


18. OTHER examples; instruction

Excel formulas used: =CELL, =NOW, =HYPERLINK

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