Ebay PayPal calculator and auction tracking tool

Ebay PayPal calculator and auction tracking tool
Item# EB1001

Product Description

Updated with the latest Ebay and PayPal fees structure.

EBay auction listing tracking and inventory manager tools with Ebay and PayPal fees calculator have everything that you need to successfully run your auction business.

You will have four tools:

- Auction tracking system,

- Inventory management system,

- Reports and EBay &

- PayPal fees calculator with ability two run different scenarios.

You will receive two Excel files: one filled in with an example data and another blank for your use. Guides on how to use the tools will be attached as well (Guides are displayed towards the end of this description):

1. EBay and Paypal fees calculator


-Listing type

-Insertion fees

-Reserve price

-Added Features fees: Buy it now fees, Value pack, Gallery, Listing Designer, Subtitle, Bold, Scheduled listing, 10-day duration, gift service, Border, Pro Pack, Highlight, Featured Plus!, Gallery Featured, Home page featured, list in two categories

-Picture Service Fees

-Final Value Fees

-PayPal Fees

-Postage profit or loss

-Listing profit or loss

EBay and Paypal fees calculator

2. Report with graphs that has all useful information when and where you need it:


-Monthly and To-date Sales, Cost, and Profit and Loss Statement

-Return on sale and Return on Investment

-Quantity listed, sold, and unsold and success ration of your items sold compared to items listed

-Averages of quantity sold, closing price, shipment cost, unit cost, fees, profit

-Number of listed, closed, and active listings

-Number of unpaid sold listing and the amount that you are expecting to receive

EBay Auction Tracking report

3. Auction and Inventory Manager will let you track your auction activity, inventory levels, and keep record about your customers.

EBay Auction manager

EBay Inventory manager

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