eBay Sales Management Tool (works with Ebay and PayPal downloads)

eBay Sales Management Tool (works with Ebay and PayPal downloads)
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Product Description

Must have eBay Sales and Profit Tracking and Analysis Tool.

Minimum manual entries required as opposite to all other existed sales and profit tracking spreadsheets. You will need to make two easy downloads: one from eBay and another from Paypal. Build in features will turn around the download information into clear sales, cost, and profit information for a listing (transaction), type of merchandise, or overall data. You will need to hit only one button. I also build in fields that would allow you to record any fees or information in addition to eBay or Paypal.

One of a kind on the market!!!

You will be able to:

1. Manage your Sale, Cost, and Profit; you will find which product sales better, what to list, what costs less to sell, what brings you higher profit.

eBay Sales Management Tool

2. Get Instant reports of your sales activities: Monthly Income Statements, statements for each of your product type; statements for each transactions.

3. For each of your product type you will have a report on sale, cost of sales, gross margin, all eBay fees, paypal fees, postage profit, net profit, average closing price, average profit, return on investment, return on sale.

4. Get the cost, revenue and profit generated by each of your transactions.

5. Manage your inventory level; you will know your quantity on hand and will now when you are running out of stock.

eBay Sales Management Tool

6. You will know your overall success ratio.

7. Interactive reports allow you to filter information to your specific interest.

8. Graph will give you visual presentation.

eBay Sales Management Tool

9. Your data will be stored forever. Online eBay service keeps it only for four month.

This is all from two easy downloads!!!

eBay Sales Management Tool

Instructions are included.

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