Consulting services offers consulting services in:

1. Creating customer solution from scratch.

Based on the requirements or ideas that I will gather from you, I will advise and create custom solutions specifically for your company that will completely satisfy your requirements.

2. Modifying products to suit your requirements.

3. Reviewing, advising and fixing your company excel spreadsheets.

In some cases it may be more efficient to fix existing spreadsheets that your company is already using instead of moving on to new ones. I will use my experience to effectively change your excel spreadsheets to ensure that the analysis presented is correct, valuable, and simple.

4. Help to analyze data in excel that exists in other databases.

I can help you to analyze data that is stored in other programs, for example in QuickBooks, Oracle financial software, etc. I can break down, combine, turn around data that exists in a database in a way that can effectively be analyzed in Excel and be put in interactive graphs and dashboards. I can effectively merge data that exists in different databases to bring the best data from both to one analysis.

Please send me an email. No request is too big or too small. I will provide you with an estimate after reviewing your requirements.

Thank you offers consulting services in creating custom solutions or upgrading your existing company spreadsheets. No request is too big or too small. Learn more .

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