Fixed Assets Schedule

Fixed Assets Schedule
Item# BF1008

Product Description

The model will help you keep records of your assets and calculate depreciation using the following methods:

- SL - Straight Line Depreciation

- SOYD - Sum-of-the-Year's- Digits

- DDB 150% - Double Declining Balance

- DDB 200% - Double Declining Balance

Fixed Assets Record

By using this model, you will be able to keep comprehensive record of your assets, calculate each successive year's depreciation, OR compare depreciation cost for each depreciation method to help you decide which method to use for a particular asset.

The model includes the following fields:

-Asset Name

-Asset Type


-Physical Location

-Asset No.

-Serial No.

-Acquisition Date

-Acquisition Cost, $

-Depreciation Method

-Depreciable Live, in years

-# of years depreciated, including current year

-# of depreciable month in current year

-Salvage Value, $

-Previous Accumulated Depreciation, $

-Yearly Depreciation cost

-Year-end Accumulated amortization

-Year-end Book Value

Fixed Assets Record

Fixed Assets Record

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